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1961 Morris Minor Traveller Restoration

Restoration Projects

1961 Morris Minor Traveller

Part 1: Nice Guts but Not Much to Look At

We've always been huge fans of Morris Minor Travellers, so it goes without saying that we extremely excited when this 1961 rolled through the doors for restoration. We were glad to find out that the car was pretty mechanically sound, and featured an upgraded 1275cc engine, disk brakes, and 5-speed transmission. However, it was very much lacking in the cosmetic department.

1961 Morris Minor Traveller Restoration

Part 2: The Challenge Ahead

We were tasked with completely replacing the wood and doing a high-quality bare metal paint job to this car so it would look just as good as it ran. Getting the wood to fit perfectly would prove to be a difficult task, but we persevered and saw it through.

As you can see in the photos, it’s come a long way since we got started.

1961 Morris Minor Traveller Restoration

Part 3: The Finished Product

As usual, the paint and body was done by Ken's Body Shop right here in San Luis Obispo—and it came out great. The car was painted black with a base coat and clear coat that makes it really pop with a very deep finish.

The most challenging aspect of this restoration was getting the wood work just right. Luckily, the guys at Woodies did an incredible job on the wood kit, and the whole process went very smoothly.

These are really cool little cars, and we couldn't be more pleased with how the finished product turned out. Well worth the extra time and effort!

If you have any questions about this car or any other classic car restoration projects we have in the shop, we would love to hear from you. Make sure to visit our British Sports Cars Blog to get the most recent updates on what's going on in and around the shop, and to see all the photos from this project.